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The ARCA Mission

Reduce. Recycle. Reuse.

The Asset Recovery Company of America (ARCA) has a purposeful mission:

"ARCA will fundamentally change corporate attitudes and current methodology regarding surplus materials in order to benefit our planet and its inhabitants"

We understand the unforgiving consequences when more materials are added to our planet's landfills.  

ARCA strives to set forth industry-leading practices regarding corporate social responsibility. Reducing the environmental impact of large organizations through a variety of technologies, initiatives and strategies is how we accomplish our goal  

Our policies adhere to the Triple Bottom Line which includes People, Planet, and Profits. We follow strict guidelines regarding our methods and down-stream channels and human relations protocol.

ARCA's highly developed web-technologies assist organizations to benefit their internal and external stakeholders through augmenting best practices.



  • 100% Sustainable & Green Practices.

  • Continue to develop new internet technology in order to benefit stakeholders as well as shareholders.

  • Expand into and help as many different industries as possible.

  • ARCA refuses to send material into landfills.

  • Recycling or Donation of any material that cannot be resold.

  • Glassdoor policies and reporting.

  • Use deliberate creativity to generate financially sound solutions for material.

  • Provide employment and educational opportunities to those in need.