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ARCA Reporting Standards

As of 2018, assets that come into ARCA's system are processed using our new software. Our new software adds capabilities to break a project down into very specific details and give our clients a never before seen level of reporting. This industry-leading practice is proprietary to ARCA.

When a project enters an ARCA facility, it is automatically processed into an Initial-Intake Report. This report reconciles to a Client's Exhibit "A" and provides a baseline for the sales and recycling reporting to come. Some assets need immediate recycling because they cannot be resold. This report captures that. See an example below.

Sample Initial-Intake Report


The Product-ID's (SKU's) attached to an item at the time of Initial-Intake are crucial to an items tracking and will live with an item throughout its entire life at ARCA. Whether an item is recycled or sold, all of the movement of the item can be tracked using our software.


Available at any time during a Recovery Project and always at its completion, a Movement Report can be generated for a client. These Movement Reports will track and depict, gross sales, item count, and recycling weights on a per item basis. A Movement Report example below.


Sample Movement Report

Contained within a Movement Report, ARCA will also include the records of any Asset Recycling that took place during a project. A Recycling Report will look like this.  

Sample Recycling Report 


We are excited to have completed this software development and implementation.  We believe ARCA's reporting capabilities will now provide our clients with a differentiated solution, unlike any other. We also invite you to read more about our entire process HERE.