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The ARCA Process

Re-Sale - Re-Purposing - Recycling 

Material processing at ARCA always results in one of these outcomes. 

For every project we tackle, we hire industry-specific experts in the field to work side by side with our marketing, sales, and environmental team to find the most effective solution for the assets in question.  

We utilize 25+ e-commerce channels, industry-specific websites, and a vast network of buyers to yield returns as quickly as possible. Literally, nothing that touches our hands ends up in a landfill.

Our approach provides sustainable, cost-effective and turn-key solutions for "end of life" material, RMA's and all depreciating assets of a non-hazardous nature.   

We also provide 100% of the sales, service, shipping, testing and refurbishing that many recovered assets require. This allows companies to reduce their eco-footprint while remaining fully profitable in their own business. 

ARCA account managers make an onsite visit to consult a client about their current material issues. Our account managers are trained problem solvers. They will analyze the situation, research the options, and paint a much clearer picture of the stakeholder impacting results from the current practices of your company. Comprehensive, customizable, and sustainable solutions for your organization will be provided at no charge.


The Process Steps


Clients beginning an Asset Recovery project with ARCA must fill out an "Exhibit A" contained within a Recovery Project Agreement for documentation.

The material being "Intaken" at ARCA passes through several stages of inspection and sorting before the "2nd life course" is chosen for that individual asset. At this point, assets will either be automatically recycled or passed along to be brought into the ARCA system.  Staff members performing sorting at ARCA undergo a 3-month long training process to be able to effectively identify key characteristics of over 500 types of Assets.   

Assets of an obviously defective or severely broken nature (that cannot be refurbished) are recorded and get sent off to be recycled. In this area, assets of all types are broken down and separated into their most basic components. The raw material is stored and sent further downstream for recycling with certified partners.

Assets that are believed to still have "life" in them are sent to our Intake team to be brought into ARCA's system. In this stage of the process, custom barcodes are issued to every single asset. This barcode will track an item and it's weight throughout the rest of its stay at ARCA regardless if that asset is sold or later recycled. This is the key to generating our reports.  



Once an asset has been brought into ARCA's system, we hit the ground running. Our custom software allows, us to simultaneously post, sell and track our items across hundreds of online marketplaces and potentially thousands of our own in-house websites.

For industries we frequently recover assets in, we maintain our industry-specific web store domains so that ARCA can be a trusted source of goods for buyers all over the world. 

ARCA's mainstream selling power online is unmatched, and we have maintained a 100% customer approval rating across all of the major marketplaces for our life as an organization. We also offer same day shipping, free returns, and 24/7 customer service across platforms. Some examples of the major marketplaces we sell on are...



Our web-technologies took much thoughtful development. This software and tracking system provides our clients with the data they have always wanted surrounding their recovery projects. This industry-leading approach will provide full reports at any time. 

Our reports give in-depth information regarding the current status of any asset we have in a project. We can break down our reporting data to show gross sales, recycling and any movement of a product on an individual basis. 

Reporting can be issued on a weekly, monthly, and per project basis to reflect anything a client may want to see. Reach out to us to learn more about how our detailed reporting can assist your organization.  

Click HERE to learn more details about our reporting.


ARCA's Competencies

Reverse Logistics and RMA Processing

ARCA has developed its own material processing methods and reporting from scratch. Click HERE to learn more

E-commerce Channel Development

Our Web-technology allows for rapid expansion and success of new channels. Click HERE to learn more

Systems Technology

All order tracking, processes, and financials are digitally reconciled. Click HERE to learn more