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Reverse Logistics and Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Processing

Currently, many organizations have little to no plan in place to address their aging and obsolete stock, and they treat product returns as disjointed, individual transactions. These same companies are also heavily reliant on liquidation and auction services. The challenge facing organizations and vendors in today's world is how to handle these types of frequent occurrences in a way that allows for quick, efficient and cost-effective solutions for return merchandise or value-depreciating inventory.

Return Merchandise Authorizations (RMA's)

With the rise of 1-click ordering and returns, today's customer requirements facilitate demand for a high standard of service that includes accuracy in a timely fashion. Organizations often struggle to shorten the link from return authorization to the time of reselling, if the product can be resold at all. 

ARCA ensures that the return process is seamless for both the customer and the company. Our proprietary material processing and reporting allow us to quickly and accurately prepare items for resale while reconciling that data back to the vendors' approved return merchandise authorizations report or Exhibit "A"

ARCA seamlessly addresses RMA's in all conditions: opened, damaged, used, defective or new.

Reverse Logistics

Forward logistics are part of every business but reverse logistics are often overlooked by organizations. Decisions made by companies surrounding how to deal with dead assets and depreciating inventory have significant consequences affecting shareholder value.  Companies rarely have the expertise, network, resources, and time to recover their end of life or surplus assets on their own in a sustainable manner

ARCA is not selective about the type or condition of material we process. In-house, we process any type of asset for resale, recycling or donation. We are able to sort, segregate, identify, sell and or demanufacture for downstream channels including resale and certified recycling. Throughout all of ARCA's processing, we are able to provide never before seen reporting to our clients that details, and reconciles sale prices and processing weights down to the last pound regardless of channel.


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Having an effective program in place to handle reverse logistics increases shareholder returns and provides a sustainable approach to the preserving environment.