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Systems Technology

Asset Recovery and Material Processing at ARCA

The entire ARCA system was developed from scratch and perfected internally. Every policy, procedure, and step was carefully crafted with our mission and clients in mind. All of the methods we use are propriety to ARCA, documented, and improve quarter after quarter. We regularly measure, test and implement new and improved system practices to remain an industry leader. 

ARCA also offers system technology development for our clients' problems. Our team can audit current systems and make rapid and efficient improvements where necessary. 

Exhibit "A" and Initial Intake

Upon embarking on a project with ARCA, the Exhibit "A" and Initial intake are crucial to its imminent success. Both early documentation reports are used to reconcile the contents, weights, and data of a project against a project's final report, after its completion.

An Initial Intake is performed on all material when it first enters ARCA's facility. Clients are then provided in-depth reports of the material to be processed. Exhibit "A" serves a purpose for early documentation of what they are sending to ARCA.

After an Initial Intake at ARCA, the material will be sorted and segregated for further processing based on product type, condition, and client. Items will be sent to separate areas of our facility for different types of processing. Material that requires recycling will be sent to ARCA's demanufacturing area and will be broken down into its raw components for storage and downstream processing. Material that will be processed for resale will go to ARCA's Intake area for barcoding.  

Identification and Barcoding

ARCA's team members are highly trained in order to be able to identify over 500 different types of material, 16 item conditions,  as well as product identifiers such as catalog numbers (CAT), universal product codes (UPC), manufacturers part numbers (MPN), and serial numbers. 

Team members combine these aspects of identified data with an assigned client code to create a stock keeping unit (SKU) for each item. These SKU's are printed on a barcode and allow for the selling, tracking and reporting that ARCA delivers.

Web and Data Systems

When an SKU enters into ARCA's system, our team has created an internal process to accurately scrape and apply different formats of data to each product. The data now contained within an item is easily flexed to fit the different intricacies of the worlds largest e-commerce marketplaces. Read more about e-commerce channels HERE

Some items may live for a longer lifespan at ARCA than others based on consumer demand, pricing, and relevance. We create and manage schedules for each item in a client's project to effectively rate performance, re-price, and edit as needed. These practices quickly result in sales data that can be easily reconciled and reported to complete a project.

Reporting and Financials

ARCA's web technology and systems track all activity associated with an asset for accurate, real-time reporting. We provide this sales data on a per SKU basis at the click of a button. These sales figures are combined with item weights and recycling reports in order to reconcile the Initial Intake figures. These processes are all completed digitally and ARCA has eliminated the wait time needed in order to pull this data manually.

This never before seen level of reporting not only provides an in-depth look at project performance but also the benefit to our planet and its inhabitants. 


With each industry tackled we continue to develop new systems to fit the needs of our clients and our planet.